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Since I can't afford to bye an actual puppet from the film I decided to try and replicate my own. I figured it would be a great way to test my skills and try out new products. With a puppet as complex as Rex I am never going to get a perfect result. This is my process so far, sculpt from Monster clay, make the moulds from polyurethane resin with a metal filler and cast from dragonskin. I used hemp fibre for the fur as i liked the naturally natural look, however, I know they used alpaca fur for the film. This is a work in progress, will hopefully finish soon.

Rex-Isle of Dogs

Fisherman's wife- Pastel Hell

2022 commission for the short film Pastel Hell directed by Hugo Vadasz. Puppet was sculpted in monster clay, moulds made from polyurethane resin, puppet cast in Barnes silicone, airbrushed silicone with smooth on pigment and psycho paint.


Note: I built and painted the puppet but did not design the puppet or make the costume. 

Robin- Robin Robin

2022 Robin Robin Fan art. Made from polystyrene, felt, magic clay, wire and two whiteboard tacs.

Shaun- Shaun the Sheep

2022 Shaun the Sheep fan art. Soldered brass armature, plastazote foam core, resin head, oz clay arms and legs (removable), glass eyes, real sheeps fur, magnetic feet.

Hugh- Bound by Fear

2020 Original character made for my graduate film Bound by Fear. Aardman anibild armature, foam core, monsterclay head core (for more flexible animation), barnes silicone arms and head, glass eyes (hand painted iris/pupils), synthetic hair with wire and glue, wire soldered glasses with resin lenses, hand stitched costume, hand punched hair on arms and facial hair, sculpey leather effect shoes.