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The Widow's Mite

'The Widow's Mite' is a film created as my major film throughout my second year of university at the Victorian College of the Arts. This is based off the biblical story written in Mark 12 : 38 - 44. It also represents the amazing difference of values between those who give expecting a reward or gratitude for their service compared to the selfless giving from those who expects nothing in return, and only giving in response to one's truest morals. The level of details in the set making is a major aspect to this film, in conjunction with the precision of the puppet making which was created through the experimentation of different methods.


Director/Writer/Producer/Animator: Mikayla Hotton 

Actors: Lilly McPake, Jackson Cook

Supervising Producers: Rosalie Osman and Christie Widiarto

Assistant Set Design/Silicone Casting: Lucy Davidson

Set Construction Assistants: Patrick Salmon and Jasmine Hotton

Special Thanks: Classmates, Paul Fletcher and Robert Stephenson

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